Trophy Antelope Hunting on Private Ranches in New Mexico


New Mexico Hunting Adventures offers Antelope hunts for trophy bucks using the weapon of your choice on private ranches only. Bow hunters are applied at the state draw, where odds are very high of drawing a tag. For several years, we have had a 100% shooting opportunity success rate.

Bucks that our hunters take are averaging between 14" and 16" with some measuring over 17 inches.

You will be very satisfied with the quality of animals on the ranches that we manage. You'll have opportunities as numerous bucks.

Our hunting techniques vary from spot & stalk hunts and sitting over waterholes. You and your guide will work out the best suited technique for your success, based on the location, and time of year you're hunting.


Our Antelope Hunts are high success hunts, on private managed ranches. Our hunters are successful on bucks up to and over 17" frequently.

  • License fee's are NOT included in the price of your hunt
  • Pricing does NOT include Land Owner Permit
  • Elk/Deer Combo's are available upon request and subject to season dates
  • Quality / High Demand Unit Hunts Available Upon Draw
  • Pricing does NOT include NMGR Tax
  • Pricing does NOT include Guide Tip / Gratuity
    • Note - typical gratuity is 10-20% the cost of your hunt, and tipped directly to your guide.  This is a standard across the industry.  Tipping rates should be reflective of the experience, and not the success of the hunt.  Our guides will work their hardest to put you on the trophy you're after.  

Rifle Antelope Hunt

  • Private or Public Land Hunts
  • 2 Day hunts in August - September Season (Dates vary annually)
  • Pricing does not include land owner permit
  • 3 Day Rifle Antelope Hunt

    Random Draw - Antelope Hunt, Rifle - 3 days
  • 3 Day Rifle Antelope Hunt Private Land

    Antelope Hunt, Rifle - 3 days

Archery Antelope Hunts

  • Private or Public Land Hunts
  • 4 Day Hunts in August Dates Vary Annually
  • 4 Day Archery Antelope Hunt

    Random Draw, 4 Day Antelope Hunt


Use our Draw Application Service to increase your Odd's at Success!

When you want to draw a tag in the state lottery versus purchasing a land owner permit we have you covered. Our service removes the hassle of having to remember to apply and provides the convenience of our knowledge of where to apply depending on what your desires and goals are for that specific species.

Also, odds are much better through the outfitter pool so this allows you a better chance of drawing.

Deposit/Service Fee for elk and deer are $500.00 to join the service and Oryx is $300.00. All deposits go toward the price of your hunt in the year they are drawn.


Bringing the right equipment on your trip is often something that can make a break an experience. If you have any questions on what else to bring, please don't hesitate to ask!


It is very important to remember to dress in layers. Mornings are usually cold but days warm up. Always check weather for the week you are coming out to better prepare for the conditions. No orange or sleeping bags are needed.

  • Light weight rain gear
  • 2 pair of waterproof boots
  • Goretex Gaitors
  • Warm camo Gloves
  • Long and Short sleeve camo shirts
  • Facemask
  • Heavy Jacket
  • Billed & Stocking Cap


  • Rifle or Bow (dependent on hunt)
  • Water Bottles (2-3 16oz or 24oz)
  • Day Pack
  • Small first-aid kit
  • Scent Shield
  • Game Bags


  • Towels for showers
  • Toiletries
  • Plastic Bags
  • Laundry Bags
  • Guide & Camp Gratuity

Optics & Electronics Equipment

  • GPS Unit *you will be asked to delete all waypoints you have made before you leave
  • Binoculars (10x42 minimum)
  • Rangefinders
  • Flashlight & Headlamp
  • 12 extra batteries
  • Tripod and Camera