New Mexico Hunting Adventures

Come along and hunt with the premier outfitter in New Mexico and leave with an experience like no other!

At New Mexico Hunting Adventures, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate hunting experience of a lifetime.  Whether you're after that giant bull elk of a lifetime, a trophy speed goat, or chasing one of our exotic offerings, we have the access and guides to put you on the animal of your dreams.We offer opportunities at nearly every game species available to hunt in New Mexico.

  • Archery Elk on Public Land (Public Draw)
  • Elk Muzzle Loader on Public Land (Public Draw)
  • Elk Rifle on Public Land & Private Land
  • Archery & Rifle Mule Deer
  • Rifle Cous Deer
  • Mountain Lion (Over-the-Counter)
  • Antelope Archery & Rifle
  • Barbary Sheep (Private Land)
  • Black Bear Hunt with Hounds
  • Oryx Hunt
  • Ibex Hunt
  • Big Horn Sheep (Draw or Win Auction Tag)


We'll work together to achieve your dreams, and provide the experience of a lifetime!


We've captured experience on video for you to see!


Use our Draw Application Service to increase your Odd's at Success!

When you want to draw a tag in the state lottery versus purchasing a land owner permit we have you covered. Our service removes the hassle of having to remember to apply and provides the convenience of our knowledge of where to apply depending on what your desires and goals are for that specific species.

Also, odds are much better through the outfitter pool so this allows you a better chance of drawing.

Deposit/Service Fee for elk and deer are $500.00 to join the service and Oryx is $300.00. All deposits go toward the price of your hunt in the year they are drawn.