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       It is important that you book your hunt as early as possible to insure your reservation    
      and to obtain neccessary licenses and tags. 
      At time of booking half the price of your hunt is due.
      The remaining balance is due 30 days before your hunt start date. 
      State licensing fees are not included in hunt price.


        Accomodations consist of camps with outfitter tents, motels in nearby towns, and the hunting
       lodges we have available depending on  the area we are hunting. Any accomodation
       can be made to fit the hunter's needs. It is important that if you are flying in and
       want to be  picked up from the airport, you must arrive before 1 pm the day
       before your planned hunt and depart no earlier than 1pm the day after hunt. There is a $150 pickup fee.

     Things to Bring

       light weight rain gear, 2 pairs of waterproof boots, water proof gaitors, warm camo gloves, 
      long and short sleeve camo shirts, face mask, a light weight jacket, a heavy jacket, billed & stocking cap. 
      It is very important to remember to dress in layers. Mornings are usually cold but days 
      warm up. Always check weather for the week you are coming out to better prepare for
      the conditions. NO HUNTER ORANGE or sleeping bags are needed

       Field equipment
       Day pack, small first aid kit, optics (10X42) /rangefiinder, scent shield,and GAME BAGS to keep meat clean              after harvest.

       Electronic equipment
       Flashligts, Headlamps,Extra batteries                                                                                                                                                                                       

      Toiletries, Towels, Plastic Bag/Laundry Bag

      Please be aware that gratuity is not included in your package price. Assuming you are happy 
     with the services we offer and we are confident you will be, it is customary to offer a tip.
      Suggested Guidelines Follow: 
      For guides, should they provide a great hunting experience, we suggest a gratuity of minimum 
      10 percent of your total package rate.

      For our cooks should they provide fresh meals in our clean "mess hall" we suggest 2.5 percent 
      of your total package rate.

      For any other hospitality employees, should they perform their jobs efficiently and 
      professionally, we suggest 1.5 percent of your total package rate.

      However, we do understand that our New Mexico Hunting Adventure guides, cooks 
      and hospitality employees may exceed your expectations, so you may prefer to offer more.



      We are prepared when you kill, that your animal will be transported to a local butcher shop. If you are lucky enough to kill early, most likely the  processor can have it cut and frozen before you go home. If you are flying and it can not be frozen before you take off, you will need to make arrangements with the meat processor to have it shipped to you.



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